Daniel Kužela

My life mission is to inspire and lead the world to positive mindset change.

Daniel Kužela

I read, discover, observe, get inspired and also think a lot. With my mind opened I am trying to gain wisdom and learn how to „be“ and how to live a meaningful authentic life in accordance with myself, my soul, surroundings and with the planet we all share.

I have already made a long journey of finding who I am, learning and wisdom gaining and I have started to change myself and my life to be better.

2016 - year of break

I have realised I can do my job from wherever I want, so I decided to become a digital nomad. This year I made it happen. I proved to connect my desire of seeing the whole world with job I am doing and mission I have. I will explore and discover different cultures, beliefs, truths and wisdoms, the present ones and even those that are here since time immemorial.

I am in Indonesia right now.

I have also finally developed and started this blog. I want to share with you everything I have learned, wisdom I have gained, and also how it made me better person, and also inspire you to do the same.

Gradually I will explain everything here. Including why I have started to call myself Mindset architect.

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