Hidden potential

How I became a big boy – my quantum leap called Hidden potential

DANIEL KUŽELA · 24. března 2016

The decision to walk thousand miles across Mojave Desert and other quantum leaps I have done thanks to the broadcast which might be an inspiration for you as well.

How I became a big boy – my quantum leap called Hidden potential

Who I was, when I registered to the broadcast

This part of my story is quite easy to describe for me. During that time, when I saw the application I was somebody totally different.

It was the times when I was trying to find myself, jumping from one thing to another, changing plans and did not even know what I actually want to do.

I did not know much about myself, nor about my life. But I was determined to grow, to learn. And I have got a big motivation to move nearer to the life I have been dreaming of.

When I saw the application, where was written: „Do you want to change something important in your life?“ I did not hesitate and I started to fill it in.

I did not expect they would choose me for casting... And after few weeks later, I can remember how nervous and scared I was in front of the camera trying to answer questions and hardly catching a words. When I was leaving, I was not thinking they could choose me at all. Then I received a message „We chose you as a participant for our broadcast.”

By that time, I did not even realize what actually happened, what is waiting for me and what can even happen.

First fun

The biggest fun came with the first filming :-)

At first, everything seemed to be innocent. I got to know the staff members and they all seemed to be nice. Really.

But when they were leaving, they had to have an impression that it would be the worst part of the broadcast ever.

Because, when I was in front of the camera, I was able to say just a few sentences. The real introvert :-) And my best acting was in those parts I did not have to speak at all.

I am still kind of ashamed. Well, nobody is perfect, but still I am glad for being who I am :-)

Quantum leaps I have done thanks which might be an inspiration for you as well

I got to know the introvert inside of me

Do you like your own calm and privacy, are you rather not so friendly, less talkative, but on the other hand thoughtful, analyzing and then realizing? Do the time spent in the big society, meeting new people or entering the room, where is a lot of people, kind of stress you?

So, we are very similar then.

The charts say, we are introverts. And thanks to them, it can cause that some of us can have feelings it is wrong. That we are worse than extroverts.

But as it works in the nature with everything, we would not exist the one without another :-)

To understand this and to get used with it was a big benefit for me and also inspirational, same as everything new you realize about yourself.

I have started to build an awareness of myself in situations which makes me nervous.

And the more you build this awareness, the better you can deal with these situations.

It copes with confidence, decreasing nervousness. And it reduces the time we spend on thorough preparation for the situation which is waiting for us – to speak with somebody, the salutation, entering the room where are a lot of unknown people etc.

The fear or nervousness still often get me, but I try to learn to do not judge myself for it. It is the way :-)

And on the other hand, the main thing which extroverts should learn from us is the ability of thinking before we say or do something, the ability of thinking about what we are going to say, our words and answers, without saying something indiscriminately.

And we are pretty creative as well.

I realized I am realizing

One of the most important thing on my way was to build an awareness. I feel the fact that during the year when something happened I realized.

I thought about thighs a lot, I detected why I behaved and felt like this or like that, I realized in what way I am getting better and where I want to improve myself next.

And I was finding some connections between all of those informations.

People often just live and things happen to them and they do not even think about them.

The waiting for new guidelines, new knowledge, new improvement and new space where we can improve should be the main point to get to know ourselves.

I wrote quite a lot about it in the previous article How to discover and understand who you are and finally start to live.

I started to restore the connections between the body, soul and my mind

While I paid an attention and a lot of time to getting to know myself, to reading and learning, I did not pay an attention to my body enough.

And it confirmed also the craniosacral therapy, which I underwent and then I realized, I have to change something.

It was really hard for me. I wanted to start running a long time ago – not only because I had few kilos extra – but I could not pursue myself. And when I finally did, it did not have a long duration.

But then it came.

My friend I got to know 2 years ago in the USA posted on facebook that she wants to start running and I discovered the programme called Couch to 5k thanks to her.

So I was in. It was waiting for me and it came at the right time. The coincidences do not exist :-)

Thanks to the fact, that the programme really fit me, because I was not really active during the previous years , I did not quit after the first run and than something strange happened. Something I was not even expecting.

I started to enjoy it.

I found out I like the time spend in the nature and that it is like fuel for the soul. I started to have days when I got real running moods. During 3 months I have changed from the boy who had no breath after 5 minutes to the boy who could run 15 km (almost 10 miles).

After some time I planned also trips and hikes to the mountains, which I have never done before. I have done 50 km (31 miles) hike through the Beskydy Mountains and I slept there alone.

And at the top of all was when I found out about Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) from the Mexico borders to Canada longer than 4500 km (2 796 miles), thanks to the movie Wild.

And I thought – I'm gonna do it.

I have planned to spend at least a month in American wilderness and to walk at least 1K km (↑ miles) and I can’t wait to see how am I gonna I benefit from it and what it might mean for my future life.

Actually, I have over 1K of words already and I am going to wake up at 4am, so I can be online at the chat and be able to answer questions about the broadcast, so the rest – the most important thing which happened to me – I am leaving for the next time.

Ask me whatever you want. Either here in comments below, on e-mail :-)

I would appreciate if you contact me at english@mindsetarchitect.me for any mistakes in my english. I will send you my love and quote your name.

Love and thanks to:
Tereza Weichslova (translation help)

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