Million-dolar Indonesia

DANIEL KUŽELA · 24. února 2016

The story about how I became a millionaire, how money spoiled my impressions about Bali and how the way from the airport became disaster for the second time.

Million-dolar Indonesia

How I became a millionaire in Indonesia

Without an exaggeration. 1 CZK is about 550 IDR. Quite funny :-) So you can become a millionaire only by having about 1800 CZK. ($75 USD)

First impressions were quite positive, I would say. But everything changed pretty fast.

Money destroys character

Everybody knows.

For this time, I wanted to try Uber on my way from the airport to the hostel. It is one of the cheapest way to travel. I have downloaded their app, but I have never used it before, so it was „fun“ :-)

When you leave the terminal, you can expect approximately 50 same-dressed taxi drivers who shout the same phrases again and again: „Where are you going, boss?“ „Taxi, boss?“

OK, this is probably not unusual, so I started to chat with one of those, because I wanted to know how he can surprise me.

His first offer was about 4 times higher price than Uber. Maybe it didn’t even surprise me. So I told him prize I can get from Uber. Well, here he started to lie to me that Uber is illegal and that it’s impossible to pay so little for the taxi.

While I was trying to co-operate with the app, maybe next 20 minutes, the other taxi drivers were still bothering me with the same words. And I started to lose control. :-)

It took me about 30 minutes until the app started working with me, but at the end I got on the Uber and left.

Horrible way from the airport for the second time

It’s well-known that you learn from mistakes. So I learned again.

At first, I didn't enjoy the ride at all. The traffic is dreadful here, too. Maybe even worse, than what I could have experienced in Thailand. I was pretty worried about the 100 dogs and bikers my driver almost killed, and quite shocked he seemed like he doesn't care.

I got to bed after about 90 minutes, because it took us too long till we finally found the hostel.

Then awareness came and I started to laught.

Because we were lost and the taxi driver also called to the hostel for me, he asked for a tip discreetly. When I decided how much I was going to give him, I started counting money in my wallet. I gave him money which I thought their value is 50 000 IDR, than I went to the bed.

When I finally got to bed, I realized something unexpectedly. I was still a bit confused about the new currency and instead of 50k, I gave him 500 000 IDR. And even thought, he charged me also via Uber for 160 000 IDR. So at the end, I paid like 5 times more than the original price was ($50 dollars total). And 2 times more than regular taxi was :-)

So again, during the first day a lot of money have flown through the window as well as in Thailand. „Just for fun“.

At the end, when I realized this in the bed, it seemed funny to me :-)

And a conclusion? (Not) thinking is (not) worth it. :-)

Next time, I’ll tell you how amazing the Bali is. I am going to bed right now. Take care :)

I would appreciate if you contact me at for any mistakes in my english. I will send you my love and quote your name.

Love and thanks to:
Tereza Weichslova (translation help)

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